What motivates you? I watch this frequently.

All cars run out of fuel, what fills your tank? EVERY TIME I watch this video I feel I can take on the world. Interesting note, I would loop this video on my Ipod during workouts. Yes, I would listen to this video for 45-minutes. Put a quick comment below, whether it is a quote, a video, or a person.


6 responses to “What motivates you? I watch this frequently.

  1. i don’t know what pumped me up more, the ‘champion!’ yelling, or the fact they used Vangelis-Last of the Mohicans (movie score) either way this is going on the iPod now.

    • Jessi, I know exactly what you mean, I have actually had a similar thought…I confess I did not know the actual song BUT I have thought about the impact the music….Either way, it pumps me up. I actually watched it this morning!!

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